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Week Nine

We are approaching week nine of either staying at home, working (if you are fortunate enough to still be working), whether it is at home or for the essential businesses that are keeping us healthy, fed and housed. 

How is everyone holding up? This is getting old and many are searching for new ways to preserve their sanity as this unfolds. One thing is for certain, it is important to ask yourself how are you going to emerge as restrictions lift and business demands increase? We all know this is not going to last forever but ask yourself what is this going to look like for me personally? For my profession and industry? My business?

In the meantime, take a look at these tools in our toolbox:

Consider CBD. Kerry Aiyash, owner of Kerwell Premium CBD House in downtown Downers Grove, encourages those new to CBD to educate themselves on what is out there. Use search engines to search Anxiety and CBD, Stress and CBD, Inflammation and CBD. Kerry and her son Matthew have conducted extensive research and have tried scores of products so you don’t have to. There are even CBD products available for your pets! An essential health and wellness business; Kerwell is eager to respond to calls with questions and also offers an online chat tool on its website. Curbside pickup and no-contact delivery are also available until the store reopens. 

“CBD is ideal for parents who now find themselves working and schooling their children from home in addition to planning and preparing three meals a day. Who doesn’t want more focus for that Zoom meeting and less overall anxiety?” says Aiyash.  

Consider a Coach. 

According to Business Coach Ed Erickson, of Erickson Business Coaching, “The world is changing rapidly and the question is How, not If your business is affected. What changed from three months ago are the buying triggers. As a coach, Ed can guide company leaders through this and he offers a free breakthrough call – visit his website to schedule a call and for more resources. 

According to Empowerment Coach Patricia Cimino of Patricia Cimino Coaching, “It’s about learning how to thrive during an unprecedented time, so you come out of this crisis as the next level of you.” Patricia teaches her clients how to “Stop living in reactionary mode to the events of the day and instead become the CEO of your mind by learning how to be intentional with how you think, feel and show up….that is where your personal power lives.” 

These are just a few tips that will help keep us sane and productive as we go through these times. If you missed the first two messages from this "Work from Home" series you can read them on our blog or Facebook page. My wish for us all is that this time is short as we hit the reset button. Treasure your loved ones, reach out to elderly neighbors or those you know are alone to see if they need anything and stay safe! If I can help with anything please feel free to contact me!

And yes, people are marketing NOW!

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