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Making Lemonade!

Now that we have hit the four weeks working from home mark - how has everyone fared? While we are feeling exhausted from these unprecedented times it is important to ask yourself what is this going to look like once the stay at home restrictions are lifted. What is this going to mean for our families and businesses? We have to get creative and use technology to reach customers and prospects. Many businesses that I work with have charged forward with new innovative ways of continuing to be relevant during these times. Here are two examples:

Meredith Lannert Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams,

(630) 974-9497 Meredith begins her day with two Zoom calls. The first is through her agency with over 5,000 of her counterparts throughout the country. The message? Tips to help KW Realtors to keep their minds and bodies healthy. For example her call today focused on how to help your sphere of influence by checking in to see how they are doing. The second call is with a group of 30 local team members to chat about marketing. The result? Making Care Calls, taking safety precautions and the decision to host a local food drive.

Lannert encourages customers to first utilize the virtual tours online and study house data prior to requesting to tour properties. While vacant homes are no problem for her to show; the state of Illinois requires that no more than four persons are to attend a showing. The homeowner is free to override this rule and can require less people touring their home at a time. Also, Zoom is her friend for listing appointments. Selling homes is listed as an Essential Business by Illinois Executive Order during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While she has seen the market slow, there is always a demand for real estate. “We’ve adopted safety measures and online options so clients can remain safe, but the show must go on. Everyone that I have reached out to has been adapting in their own way and I’ve had some great discussions and laughs. It’s just nice to connect with people.”

Cuvée Wine Travel, Inc. specializes in planning wine and culinary vacations around the world. Cuvée is inviting like-minded wine enthusiasts to connect virtually for an online wine tasting experience, hosted by owner and sommelier, Carol Wolniakowski. The interactive tasting via Zoom is an opportunity to connect with friends, clients and fellow wine lovers while enjoying a fun, educational evening. Topics can include Wine Tasting 101, Food & Wine Pairings and Top Wine Destinations. If interested in joining a scheduled session, or to set up a private session for you or your group, contact Carol at (630) 303-1810, or at

A few other ideas:

  • With unprecedented numbers at home, social media usage is at an all-time high. If you haven't posted on your company Facebook or Instagram pages, now is the time! Facebook Live is a great way to offer advice to your followers and it's free and forgiving!

  • Use Zoom for virtual meetings and offer that option for consultations.

  • Reach out to clients to say hello and ask how they are doing. That's OK!

  • Take frequent breaks to recharge - getting outside for a walk or bike ride daily works wonders.

  • If you are having trouble with any of these options, YouTube is your friend.

These are just a few tips that will help keep us sane and as productive as we can be through these unprecedented times. My wish for us all is that this time is short as we hit the reset button. Treasure your loved ones, reach out to elderly neighbors or those you know are alone to see if they need anything and stay safe! If I can help with anything please feel free to contact me!

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