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Consistency Is Key Series - Part 4 - Monitoring

Welcome to Part 4– Monitoring, in our Consistency is Key series. Your plan is in full motion; so how is it going? Your check-in meeting is scheduled with your marketing team and you are ready to regroup. You have collected reports and response data from your efforts. Here are a few tips to make the most of your meeting to keep things humming along:

Ask yourself:

Are my inquiries bona fide leads? Are the inquiries received genuinely interested in your product or service? Have they demonstrated the need for what you have to offer? Can you get a feel for their timeframe to commit?

Consider your conversion of prospective clients. Understand that many businesses have a longer conversion time frame than others so with that in mind are you converting according to your industry average?

Have you tapped into a new market? Has your program delivered an entirely new segment of the market? Work with your experts on determining whether this segment is worth exploring further and requiring further attention with your campaign.

Is something not working at all? Double and triple check pixel placements, links and landing pages.

If you are running a multi-faceted campaign, pay special attention to which messages are receiving the best response. Are certain times for the day/days of the week that yield better results? We will get further into this on Part Five - Tweak next week.

Breathe easy, knowing that the hardest part of this process is behind you and continue to reap the benefits from your new campaign. Stay tuned for Part Five in the series: Tweak, headed your way soon.

I have outlined five simple steps below that will help keep you on track. Each subsequent newsletter will highlight each aspect.





Tweak - up next!


Hire a competent agency that will keep you on task with a plan targeted toward YOUR customer! And remember that marketing with momentum generates optimal results when you are consistent. Commit to 12 months of consistent marketing using the above and you will be well on your way!

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