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Consistency Is Key Series - Part 5 - Tweak

Welcome to Part 5– Tweak, the last message in our Consistency is Key series. Your campaign may require some minor adjustments as you move through this process. A few points to ponder:

Eliminate non-performers and re-allocate your budget to proven winners.

Continually arrange to have updated photography taken for future use. Plan ahead since there may be better times of the year for this undertaking.

Refine messaging, if needed. Your agency can assist with this.

Zero-in on digital campaign outlet performance. Are there active times of the day where there are eyeballs on your message? Remove ineffective GeoFencing locations and beef-up those that are delivering. Consider adding other similar locations as your winners.

Get used to harvesting testimonials as an ongoing process for your web site, Google, Facebook, Instagram and HOUZZ.

Continue your periodic check-in meetings with staff, agency and vendors.

As you reap the benefits from this process, repeating this for 2023 will be much easier.

Hire a competent agency that will keep you on task with a plan targeted toward YOUR customer! And remember that marketing with momentum generates optimal results when you are consistent. Commit to 12 months of consistent marketing using the above and the previous messages and you will be well on your way!

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