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When to go for Coffee

In a high-touch field, how do you maintain close relationships and navigate who is willing and ready to meet you in person for coffee?

While it’s hard to say exactly what phase of reopening we are in here in Illinois, it has been months since the COVID-19 pandemic rocked our world. After being cooped up working from home and venturing out only for essentials, how do you forge ahead safely respecting the wishes of others while conducting business? So how do we figure out who is ready to have coffee and under what conditions?

Try having a candid conversation with your clients and contacts. Ask what is most comfortable for them. As long as it’s a nice day, many establishments have outdoor seating, workers are masked and social distancing is practiced.

While it is challenging to convey empathy and interest while you hare wearing a face mask, how do you compensate?

· Prior to an in-person meeting have that candid conversation referenced earlier.

· Overemphasize your voice and diction while wearing a mask.

· Its fall and provided the weather cooperates, schedule an outdoor meet-up. You can remove your mask while eating/drinking and as a result can communicate better by seeing facial expressions.

· Who says you have to meet at the coffee shop? Pick up your brew, bring a chair and gather at the local Forest Preserve!

I love having coffee and networking – so if you are reading this and want to get out – hit me up!

Stay safe but get outside and enjoy these beautiful days and take care of business at the same time.

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