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You have to work from home - now what?

Many of us already work from home at least part of the time but what do you do if you suddenly have to change your routine and work from home? I have been working from home for a few years now and recall making the adjustment under much better circumstances and still found it difficult.

I hope the following tips are useful to you as you set up command central.

Check your internet speed. Check if the speed is up to par with the work you will be doing. If speed is slow you will want to reach out to your provider for an upgrade or to use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot if you have an unlimited data plan.

Take inventory of your supplies - Backup, scanner, printer ink, phone headset. Many office providers such as Office Max provide delivery and buy online/store pickup if you need anything.

Locate your workspace in a quiet area - Forget the kitchen table unless you are alone at home. A spare bedroom or out-of-the-way location works best. You may have to get creative a move furniture to accommodate your new space.

Turn off the email and other sound alerts on all devices. With the current state of influx it is difficult to concentrate with bells and buzzers going off. Also turn off social media notifications, TV news and radio in the background for better focus.

Reach out to clients and let them know you are there for them - Depending on your line of work, this can serve as a reminder that you are available to help and you never know where help is needed. If not a familiar, friendly voice or message is appreciated.

Take a break every hour. Sitting for long periods is not good for your back or your brain. If you have a standing desk - great! If not, get up, walk around and do something else for a few minutes before you return to your desk.

If time allows, spend time outside on a longer break - Walk the dog - Fido will love it and there is less chance of barking while you are on the phone if your dog is worn out. Hit some of the many trails that remain open for some fresh air. Your will return to your desk energized. As of this writing, the Morton Arboretum is open (main restrooms are open across from the Visitor's Center but all other buildings are closed) as are DuPage County Forest Preserve Trails, however restroom facilities are closed.

With all of the gyms and yoga studios closing - take a yoga class online! - Ann Rinderer is a friend and local yogi that offers yoga classes live online visit her Facebook page Marie Rosepedals for further details. Ann is also on Instagram. Yoga will benefit your mind as well as body stiffness from sitting at your desk all day.

Start meditating. What does this have to do with work? Plenty! If you don't practice already this is a good place to start turn your sound up for this one! There are so many benefits of meditation and focus is only one of them.

These are just a few tips that will help keep us sane and as productive as we can be through these unprecedented times. My wish for us all is that this time is short as we hit the reset button. Treasure your loved ones, reach out to elderly neighbors or those you know are alone to see if they need anything and stay safe! If I can help with anything please feel free to contact me!

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