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  • Lynn Walsh

Make yourself more media-friendly

Looking for the most promotional bang for your buck? You can gain greater exposure to and positive buzz from clients—resulting in more business—by getting featured in a print, Web or broadcast story. However, to improve your chances of being included in a newspaper article, feted in a magazine piece or spotlighted on radio or TV, you’ve got to make yourself available to the media. There are plentiful opportunities out there for Walsh Communications to recommend you to an editor or reporter who may be working on a story related to your business. But if your schedule is too limiting or your input isn’t carefully tailored to what that journalist wants, you may not get included in the story. Even worse, you may not ever get a call again from that person or publication. We can share priceless tips on how to make you more accessible to the press and how to properly prepare for a phone or face-to-face interview. Call or e-mail today for the full scoop.To create your first image blog post, click here and select 'Add & Edit Posts' > All Posts > This is the title of your first image post. Great looking images make your blog posts more visually compelling for your audience, and encourage readers to keep coming back.

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