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  • Lynn Walsh

Are You Radio Ready?

We placed a client on two radio shows this weekend which made me think that in all of the years we have been publishing, I have not discussed how to be radio ready!

Live radio is a different than being interviewed from the comfort of your office over the phone. There, you have the ability correct, clarify or even elaborate on a statement since it is only you and the reporter listening. However, if you have the opportunity to be on the air, congratulations! Please consider the following tips to ensure a great experience!

Arrive early. If you will be in a studio plan ahead for traffic, parking and security. Know where to park and that you will have to pass security checks and know who you are to report to. Remember that radio doesn't wait if you are running late. Turn off your cell phones and tablets before you get situated.

Write down major points you want to get across beforehand and have them in front of you before you go on the air. Be sure they are brief points and be realistic about whether you will be able to cover them in the short time allotted. Here is where your public relations consultant comes in handy.

Respond to questions as directly and succinctly as possible.

Remember small bites and not big meals. You may be able to weave in a point in your response from your notes.

Don't be thrown off if the host interrupts you. They will need to break for traffic, weather and commercials so the time is very short to get to your point.

No ums, ahs, and likes - this is where the notes come in handy. If you stumble on your words keep going; chances are the listeners won't even notice.

Relax, be yourself, have fun and if you have time, ask permission to take a picture with those involved with the program to post on your website and social media sites as well.

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