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Are you pressed for time?

Specifically, do you spend more time on marketing than you'd like? Here are a few time savers to consider: Multiple meetings with marketing pros - When you have multiple resources for various aspects of your marketing, this takes a great deal of time unless everyone is in the room together collaborating. Your nephew is handling the web site, your assistant tends to the social media when there's time, ad agency, PR firm, graphic designer. Everyone is marching to their own drum, you have hours into meetings, a fragmented marketing approach and not much is getting accomplished. Consider using a full service agency where all of these talents are coordinated and results are cohesive with your brand and goals. One meeting, one resource=more time. Develop an annual plan and budget and stick to the plan - Work with your agency to develop a realistic plan and budget and actually work the plan to set you up for success. "Seat of the pants marketing" doesn't work, yet so many partake with little to show for it. Skip the one-offs - Don't cave when a cold caller asks to try an unproven new advertising opportunity. Taking solicitation calls and responding to emails - Refer all inquiries to your agency who will vet opportunities and present them if they coincide with your plan. Take a global approach to marketing - Conduct an input session with your entire team. Include your agency if you have one. Review all pages of your web site, all contracts, social media, email marketing, blog messaging, letterhead, business cards, logos, ads, promotional pieces, brochures, EVERYTHING. Do consider inventory, design consistencies, what works, what doesn't, what's in need for a refresh, and whether your materials mirror your message or not. This is time well spent and a great activity to conduct year-end. Schedule a day of photography - There's nothing like professional images to market your business. An orchestrated day of photography and/or video can include pictures of your work, video testimonials, drone photography, candids of your staff in action or portrait shots set up on location. Marketing is an investment and pays dividends when tended to regularly. In business waiting always comes with a price. If you are tired of waiting, please give us a call, we can help you get started. And remember that we are never too busy to handle your referrals!

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