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Time to schedule your marketing checkup!

Most of our checkups are medically-centered. We schedule an annual physical, eye and dental exams and other medical screenings. Besides medical there are meetings with our accountant and financial advisor.

But what about a check up on how we market our businesses?

When it comes to marketing, most companies address their needs with their agency when contracts come due for renewal or in the fall when planning and budgeting for the coming year. The dialogue is something like this:

· Did this work?

· Was it worth the expense?

· How many leads were generated?

· How did staff perform in converting leads to sales?

· How much referral business did those leads/sales generate?

· Who were they and did we express our thanks for the referral?

· How do we continue to be in front of those leads that have not yet converted?

Please consider a few helpful tips to ensure a smooth check up meeting with your agency:

Prepare the data - Lead sources and sales conversions. Where every marketing dollar went. Also have copies of any media contracts, web and social media reports and schedules.

Consider your needs in advance - What marketing needs will you be faced with in the coming months? Website changes or is it time for a new website? Are your collateral materials running low? If so, discuss with your agency whether a redesign or refreshed look should be considered before reordering.

It might be productive to include sales leadership for part of the meeting - Your front line has hands-on perspective and valuable feedback for the various marketing means and processes.

Following the meeting expect a plan to move forward - Your agency should include recommendations and associated costs as well as timing. Include periodic check-ins throughout the year with your agency in case something is not performing to standard. Tweaks may be necessary.

If you are ready to schedule your marketing check up feel free to contact me.

Walsh Communications can suggest creative ways to present your unique story. E-mail or call us today for valuable ideas on how we can manage your marketing projects.

And please remember that I am never too busy to handle your referrals!

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