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Comsistency is Key Series - Part 2 - Plan

Welcome to Part 2Plan, in our Consistency is Key series. You have compiled your analysis now let’s make sense of the information.

Consult with your agency and provide your budget. Together develop a steady stream of activities that can include branding, referral programs, regular touchpoints to customers and those likely to refer and special promotions.

Create a calendar of activities with associated costs. Take into consideration the seasonality of your business and lead times/deadlines. This is where working with an agency can prove to be invaluable. Start by plugging in your “have-tos”, those activities that are non-negotiable. One likely candidate here is the website; but if a facelift or overhaul is needed, be sure to include it in the budget.

Budget for contingency items that may crop up - Sponsorships of events, additional business cards or new memberships.

Consider procedural activities such as a leave behind gift upon completion of a remodeling job, thank you for referrals, monthly newsletter, regular blog posts, and twice weekly (at a minimum) social media posts.

If you are seeking additional help in a particular area, such as social media poster or blogger, ask your agency to make a referral if they do not do this type of work.

Now that the hard part is behind you, stay tuned for the third step in the series: Implement, headed your way soon.

I have outlined five simple steps below that will help keep you on track. Each subsequent newsletter will highlight each aspect.



Implement - up next!




Hire a competent agency that will keep you on task with a plan targeted toward YOUR customer! And remember that marketing with momentum generates optimal results when you are consistent. Commit to 12 months of consistent marketing using the above and you will be well on your way!

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