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How can I wisely spend those dollars!

Its budget time!

Many businesses are figuring out where and how much they are allocating to their marketing efforts in the coming year.

A common question I receive is “Where is the smartest place to spend my marketing dollars?” And my answer is “it depends.”

I do not mean to be vague but your business is unique. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. Everyone is coming to the table from a different place with a different budget and tools. Their website may be more up to date than yours; you may have stellar photography and better, regular blog posts than they do. They may receive a higher rate of referrals because they create and distribute a newsletter each month to their sphere of influence, blah blah blah.

What does this mean?

It means that what works for the commercial real estate broker in the past may not necessarily be the best means of marketing your law practice.

So what can be done about it?

A deep dive into your marketing efforts and response is needed.

· Assess what has worked in the recent past to bring the right customers to you.·

· Assess the clients brought to you via your efforts and why/why not they moved forward. ·

· Consult with your marketing agency the above information for them to determine and present specific marketing activities within your budget to bring you more of the right leads. ·

· Discuss with your agency your conversion process. We will identify weak links and suggest ways to tighten up the process to create a better experience. ·

· Consider how client expectations are set. Perhaps a mystery shopper can better reveal if and where there is a breakdown with the sales process.

One case in point: A condo builder had a beautiful sales center, website, and the best in promotional materials to launch their project. And an experienced salesperson was hired. We were brought in nine months later (yes, we have been known to be the clean-up crew) because they only had a handful of contracts; which was out of proportion to the large number of visitors. We deployed groups of secret shoppers versed in the industry who went through the process incognito. The results determined that the sales staff did not ask for the order; even after multiple visits! We worked with the client to provide proven candidates to get the job done.

Walsh Communications can suggest creative ways to present your unique story. E-mail or call us today for valuable ideas on how we can manage your marketing projects.

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