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What's not to love about marketing?

Many business people have a Love/Hate relationship with Marketing.

When it works; life is grand, when it doesn't; we are wringing our hands as to why. When business is humming along, the tendency is to throttle the marketing effort because you cannot handle all of the inquiries and work. While it's a nice problem to have, this is never a constant.

When times change, how do you and your marketing adapt?

Knowing when to pull the plug on a particular campaign is key. This is where using a professional agency comes in. Having regular conversations with your agency about the results of your specific campaign is key; sometimes a simple tweak based on feedback received can make all the difference. Other times, it might be best to scrap the whole thing and head in another direction. We advise our clients on all of the available options for your specific type of business to reach your potential customer within your budget. What works for your neighbor who owns an chain of restaurants is not necessarily going to work for you if you're a kitchen designer.

Consistency in your marketing effort can take you through the boom times and carry you over the slumps. You may be tired of your campaign because you see it all of the time but there are new consumers entering the market continually. If your campaign works for you, keep the goodness going!

It' so expensive! Not if it's working! View marketing as an investment instead of an expense. If you don't know where your customers are coming from I urge you to read and ask The Million Dollar Question.

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